Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

We broke tradition this year and actually went to the park to see the fireworks. We dropped the van off in the parking lot at the park in the morning with the chairs and coats. We walked back later in the evening. I'm so glad we did that. By the time we got there around 8 the whole area was a madhouse. We met up with Marli and her friends on the walk to the park and that was about the last I saw of them until the fireworks were over.

After the fireworks show we went to my parents' house. From their deck you can see all the fireworks you could ever want to see. We usually go to their house for the fireworks because you can see the shows from at least 4 different towns, not to mention the assorted pyromaniacs in the area. The fireworks were too far away to get pictures of, but Marli and Chelsea made interesting enough subjects!

When we got home, Lee's ex-wife called that they were taking Nate to the ER, so Lee and I hopped in the car and headed down. He's all good now, but it was a LONG night. So you will please excuse me as I head back to my bed for some more shut eye. There will be more fireworks pictures posted tonight or tomorrow. Bradley is doing their fireworks tonight and since we will be in the area anyway, I have decided that we will stay and watch them too!


Jennifer said...

Glad you all went for firework! Girls are full of spirit!

Hope N is okay.

Anonymous said...

you did it !
Great firework pics!!!!