Sunday, June 29, 2008

Abigail, Olivia and Keara

These are some pictures from our trip to Olney to visit the new little bundles of joy! Abigail and Olivia were born Friday, June 20. They are the first twins to ever be delivered at their local hospital, and they have become quite famous. People stopped is in the aisles at Walmart to ask if they were the babies they read about in the paper. It was pretty fascinating to get all that attention from strangers, but the people in Olney are all very friendly.

These pictures are in no particular order since putting pictures in blogger is about as difficult as doing calculus!

Marli took a little nap with Olivia on the boppy on Saturday afternoon, and there she is holding Abigail when we first got there.

Keara is a great big sister. She loves to hold and kiss the babies. They are so tiny that they are just the perfect size for her little arms. I think she has dolls bigger than those girls! :)

The girls love their boppy pillows. They snuggle right into them to sleep. That's Abigail there by herself. When they are together, it's Olivia on the left, Abigail on the right. We can tell because Olivia's skin is a little darker, and Abigail's face is a little rounder. They have different personalities already too. Abby is always happy, eats like a pig, from the bottle or nursing, and sleeps really well. Olivia loves to be held, gets a little gassy, prefers her meals in a bottle and is usually the first of the two to wake up.

No, that's not a huge crib, it's just a tiny baby. They don't have a whole lot of fat on them yet, but they do have lots of extra skin. Look at those little skinny legs! Keara and Marli had a blast out on the Slip & Slide Friday and Saturday... that was $20 well spent.

I can't wait to go back, hopefully sometime in July. If only they didn't live so far away!


Jennifer said...

At least you and M went! a week old girls! and K. WOw soo tiny babies.. Looking forward to see more pictures of them!

Anonymous said...

Congrat being Aunt again
Smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July!