Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Fireworks

It was another crazy day. We hauled ourselves up to Palatine for Jillian's graduation party. There was, of course, plenty of yummy food and drink and lots of family. Unfortunately we had to bow out early to get Chelsea home so we missed out on some of the fun, like cake, s'mores by the fire pit, and swimming.

We drove straight through to Bourbonnais to drop Marli and Chelsea off at Chelsea's house and headed over to Great-Grandma's. We visited with her for a bit while Lee did some work there. We made a few more stops, then pulled over to the side of the road to watch the fireworks. Actually, we pulled into a parking lot of a small plaza that would enable us to get the heck out before all the people at the mall swarmed the roads.

The show didn't start until after 9:30, but when it did, it started with a bang. I honestly thought they were starting with the Grand Finale. The show went on and on. I, of course, forgot the camera (story of my life), so Lee suggested I try to take pictures with my phone. Imagine my surprise when it actually worked! Not all that well, but they are not bad. Here are a few of the better shots. Those lights at the bottom, that is Northfield Square Mall. They light them off from behind the mall every year. The show went on for so long that we actually got bored and left early. We were probably 5 minutes out of town when I saw what I assume was the Grand Finale out the back window of the car.


Jennifer said...

Ahh tsk tsk for forget the camera.. We may have to drag you with us for firework ind Ind next year! To get good views! ;-)

Anonymous said...

TSK TSK you forgot your camera

Hey Lee or Marli
you have to remind her often to have the camera with when go to fun places

if I forgot the camera my wife will not choke me lol