Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Pt. 3 - The Pumpkin

Marli carved her own pumpkin this year, with no pattern or anything. It's been years since we've not used one of those books. Unfortunately, I missed this little piece of the holiday also. But it still turned out pretty well! I came home and cut the lid (can you believe Lee has never carved a jack-o-lantern before), but Marli did the rest of the work. I took a couple of pictures of it lit up tonight. I was going to take daytime pictures, but apparently Marli cannot cut inside the lines because there are marker lines all over the silly thing in the daylight.

Halloween Pt. 2

ok, so there will be a part 2. One of the girls at work asked if we were allowed to dress up. I said sure and figured she'd be dressed (she was excited about it). This morning I quick threw together a costume and headed to work. Boy, did I feel like a dork! She didn't dress up... no one did! I was all alone in my Halloween spirit. Anyway... here's a pic of me in my costume, such as it is. Keep in mind that I put it together 12 hours ago and it went through a long day at work (it was truck day... lots of hard work). Can you guess what I am? Highlight between the quotes to find out: " static cling " Happy Pumpkin Day!


Well, I missed it, but she was adorable. My little Marli was cotton candy for Halloween. We glued cotton fill to a garbage bag and spray painted it hot pink. A pink sweatshirt, white sweatpants (for the paper cone), an entire can of pink hairspray, and glow-in-the-dark pink fake nails completed the outfit. Of course she wasn't out the door 10 minutes when she started losing bits of herself, but she sure started out cute. Lee took a couple of pictures of Marli and her friend Nicole before they headed out.She made quite a haul. We'll be eating candy for at least a week.

Friday, October 26, 2007


We celebrated one year of hard work making our store one of the best and busiest in the area. We gathered at Thunderbowl in Mokena for a night of cosmic bowling, pizza and fun! Many of us stayed until the counterman was calling for us to finish up for closing time. I have fun with my co-workers every day at work, but this was beyond fun! It was also an unofficial goodbye to our Assistant Manager Josh, who will be leaving us this week to go to business school in Nebraska. I bowled unprecedentedly well the first two games, 145 & 163. The last game however, was HORRIBLE. That was probably due to the fact that my boss bet me $5 that he could beat me (he did by 6 pins) and I had 2 ½ drinks. The photos aren’t great because it was so dark in there and the flash was quite annoying. We definitely have to get together and do it again!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is how it should be, with Newman out front and everyone else following! :)

Another Heartbreak

Well, it happened AGAIN! It was a spectacular race. Newman's in the lead on the last few-lap shootout of the night, shotgunned right past Gordan. Then BAM.... he blew a tire, hit the wall and finished in 28th. Will the man ever have any good luck during a race, or is he wasting it all on his good qualifying? Eh, I guess we can chalk another one up to almost.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Making Strides

One of our pharmacists started a team to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Orland Square Mall on October 21st. Marli and I are going to walk the 5 kilometers around the mall. It’s a great cause and a good excuse to do some window shopping. This Saturday we are having a bake sale at the store to support our teams donation goal. Marli is coming to work with me to man the bake sale table and take donations. She’s so excited she actually painted her nails pink. I baked a Tastefully Simple Almond Pound Cake and a pan of brownies. I cut them up and packed individual servings in plastic zipper bags. I hope our customers will be generous and help this worthy cause.

Check my Making Strides web page and make a donation if you can. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Fall Colors

I just love the colors of Fall. My friend Brian just spent a week at his family home in northern Wisconsin and sent me these amazing pictures. I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy!