Tuesday, June 24, 2008

They're Here!!!

Well, not here exactly... but the twins have been born!

Abigail Elizabeth was 4 lbs. 15 oz and Olivia Jean was 4 lb.s 14 oz. The girls aren't giving their parents much of a chance to rest, but they are doing well. Keara is loving being a big sister so far and is really gentle with them. Tiff still can't tell them apart yet, but she will before too long. She said Olivia is a mommy's girl, very affectionate and lovey. Olivia is more alert and looking around at the world all the time. Marli and I just might have to go visit them on my day off. It's too bad they live so far away!


Jennifer said...

Congrats new members to family! Looking forward to see more pictures! K a big sister! Cute tshirt! Great she was there while getting ready for 2 sisters to come!