Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Weekend

It was a busy weekend for Lee's kids. Jaimee and Nate both had activities and we got to participate. Nate's cub Scout pack was in a parade on Saturday and then they went on a camp out. On Sunday, they had a fishing derby and the dad's were invited to come help.

After Nate's parade, we hurried over to watch Jaimee perform with her band at a contest. They did 3 songs and sounded wonderful! Jaimee is the first chair in the flute section. She changed out of her uniform before we could get any pictures of her, but she has another concert in a couple of weeks so we will make her take pictures then.

This weekend is Jaimee's 8th grade dance and Ashley's Senior Prom. More pictures to come (I hope).


Me said...

BUsy Busy.. fun fun!