Monday, April 14, 2008

Is it going to be another one of THOSE seasons?

He started on the pole. He led the way in practice. He was in front for quite a few laps. It was a perfect night for racing in Phoenix. Then this happened:

Yep, there went the engine. Ryan thought they could get back out on the track; his crew chief thought differently. And it was another disappointing DNF for my man, totally out of his control. It's a shame that such a good driver is at the mercy of so many other forces that seem to not want him to win. Am I ever going to see a race that he does well in? Maybe I should start just listening to the races on the radio. The last time I did that, he won Daytona. Am I bad luck? I'm starting to get a complex.


Anonymous said...

I bet you turn off the tv after Newman is done!

good race anyway until the fuel thing it was sucks at the end the race (really nobody win)
Mark Martin would won if not about the fuel

Great shot for JJ #48 doing the risk and big lead (seven sec. from 2nd place) wow
he had plenty fuel anyway

Next is DEGA!
Jr is going get one for sure


Here & there with {memories} said...

I heard he was on pole.. I don't evne know how race stuff to talk about. Ha.

Come on come Chicagoland ngiht races YAy!