Friday, May 23, 2008

Field Trip downtown

Wednesday was the 7th grade field trip downtown. We spent a couple of hours exploring Navy Pier on our own then met up with the rest of the group for an boat tour down the Chicago River. Tyler's class went the day before and he warned Marli that the tour was exceedingly boring. I think they enjoyed it though. I know I certainly did. It was really cool to see the buildings from that perspective and to learn about their history at the same time. The only bad part of the tour was the hispanic couple sitting next to us who could not keep their hands or lips off each other. I took over 150 pictures! As soon as the boat docked, we got right on the buses for the ride home. We got back to the school about 10 minutes after school let out. It was funny how worried they all were about that. We got off the buses at school and the kids all jumped on their buses which were all full of kids waiting for us to get back. My very strange child decided to take the bus home instead of riding with me.

Here is a sampling of the pictures I took. Marli took a bunch of her own too, but I could only put 30 pictures in a slide show. ;)


Jennifer said...

neat pixs of wheel! Others too. Looks great day to go on the boat!

Mo said...

Love the Chicago buildings

great job!