Friday, April 11, 2008

Turning a new something

I'm not sure if it's a leaf or a page or what, but I'm making a conscious change in my life. I joined a health club / gym. So far (two weeks) I've gone regularly, only taking a couple of days off. I'm walking on the treadmill, riding the bike, doing the weight machines and sweating my butt off. I am shocked and amazed that I am actually enjoying it. I just plug the headphones into the machines to watch TV or into my mp3 player to listen to some music. I go into my own little world and the time just flies.

I've decided to quit Weight Watchers and try and do this on my own. The monthly rates for WW is exactly the same as the membership for all 3 of us at Cardinal Fitness. It seems to me the $40 a month is better spent on all of us than just on me. I am surprised to see and feel results already. I broke down and bought a scale, something I swore I'd never do. I stepped on it earlier this week, then again this morning. There was a difference... and entire 2 lb. difference... For the better too! I was ecstatic, thrilled, tickled!

So now since I don't have to answer to the WW scale anymore, I think I will answer to you, whoever reads this rambling uninteresting blog (hi Jen and Mo, as I think you 2 are the only ones who do). I won't put the actual weight numbers up, that's just far too embarrassing. But every Monday, I will post the change, for better or worse. I will gladly accept your e-applause and virtual pats on the back or kicks in the butt, depending on the results.
Now you just have to remind me that my exercising is not an excuse to eat worse, since I am working harder. I'm still going to lay off the McDonald's fries and Lays Sour Cream and Onion potato chips. There will be no Double Stuff Oreos in this house! I will not allow the other 2 humans in this house to sabotage my efforts. I will, however, allow the guinea pig to influence me. He has to eat lots of fruits and veggies, so I will too. Yogurt instead of ice cream, low-fat cottage cheese instead of pudding, carrots and fat-free dip instead of Ruffles and French Onion. I've even cut back on my beloved Diet Pepsi, one wake-me-up in the morning and perhaps one later in the day, but other than that it's water water water, or some milk. 100-calorie packs are my friends, usually.



Anonymous said...

Glad you able to enjoyed it the workout and better foods