Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another day of Chicago Winter fun!

It's a Winter Wonderland outside my window today.

I had to take some pictures from my porch because I was definitely not going out in that mess until I absolutely had to.

At 8:30 this morning there were 5 inches of snow on my grill. Now at 11:00, I can't see the end of my porch. It blends right in with the rest of the snow, so I'd guess we have at least another inch or two. And it's still snowing!

Isn't winter fun in Chicago?


Jennifer said...

Fun day to watch all lot of snowing. You could have stepped outside.. walk around find good place to take pictures. (your camera setting snow!) snow was way light not any heavy at all.

Fun white out day!

Kerri said...

I would have gone outside, but I don't have a Mo to hold an umbrella over me to keep the snow off the camera. Next week when it warms up a little, I will find some good photo opportunities.