Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time

Here are some pictures of our Christmas preparations and celebrations.

Putting up the tree and decorating at my parents' house is always a 2-day affair. There are stacks of totes full of ornaments, figurines, candles and all sorts of miscellaneous Christmas crap. Getting the angel in position and hanging ornaments on the top of the tree requires a very tall ladder. Marli was in the Christmas spirit this year, complete with Santa hat!

These are just a few of the decorations we put up around the house. The big toy soldier gives me the creeps sometimes. It always scares me into thinking there is someone else in the house with me when I'm there alone. I know, it's childish, but I'm not the only one who gets the feeling. My child does too!

On laundry day, Marli made pretzel treats with Hershey Kisses and M&M's. They were tasty and everyone loved them on Christmas Eve.

This is my mom's tree on Christmas Eve after everyone opened all their gifts. I love Christmas Eve. I love the Christmas decorations at Mom's house. The only thing missing was a fire in the fireplace.

We went to Mom's house for coffee cake and leftovers on Christmas Day. That is when we exchange gifts within our immediate family.

Marli got an iPod from Kristi and family. She was really excited! Can you tell? We gave Tyler gift cards to so he can buy Cubs tickets or Cubs stuff. Marli wrapped it, in several boxes, using a whole roll of wrapping paper! Lizzie was thrilled with her bathrobe from Grandma and Papa. Emily thought she was hot stuff with her credit card. All the kids got Visa gift cards from Grandma and Papa. That happy look on my parents faces is due to the gift certificate from Merry Maids that Kristi gave Mom. Smart gift idea to give a woman who works full time an hour from home. I gave her useful stuff - gloves and slippers.

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and send warm wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!


Jennifer said...

Love it Christmas everywhere in your mother's house.

Marli's best Christmas!

fun to see how kids and parents' react to gifts.