Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Introducing the newest member of our family: LICORICE. Yes, he is a guinea pig. I know he's not like any guinea pig you've ever seen before. Have you ever known us not to be unique and different? So of course we have to get a unique and different pig. He's cute as can be, and since he's still a young pig, he does like to nibble on us a little. He eats tons of fruits and vegetables, even green peppers if you can believe that! He is a pooping machine, but not too messy, unless he decided to treat you as the bottom of his cage while you're holding him (yes, I'm speaking from experience). I'm sure we have more pictures somewhere, but this was all I could find. His eyes look a little bit crazy in photos, but really they are not nearly that bright.
Marli and Licorice


Here & there with {memories} said...

Aww-ing from here.. cute pet. But keep it away from me ha! Don't want any accident on me. ha. Name fits well!

CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

you are back

what a cool name for your guinea pig

I did missed my guinea pig (late 90's)
My guinea pig name Sissy (Black)
She was great and fun
I had for about six year
Sissy had no problem with other two cat. (That's Sheba and the other one Toby passed away few year ago)
My cats are too scare cuz Sissy will bite them lol

I didn't know she was pregent when I got her
she did had three babies

Have fun with your guinea pig


Anonymous said...

Sorry my mistake about the cats

It was Spike and Honey with Sissy cuz same color as Sheba ans Toby LOL