Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Pt. 3 - The Pumpkin

Marli carved her own pumpkin this year, with no pattern or anything. It's been years since we've not used one of those books. Unfortunately, I missed this little piece of the holiday also. But it still turned out pretty well! I came home and cut the lid (can you believe Lee has never carved a jack-o-lantern before), but Marli did the rest of the work. I took a couple of pictures of it lit up tonight. I was going to take daytime pictures, but apparently Marli cannot cut inside the lines because there are marker lines all over the silly thing in the daylight.


Here & there with {memories} said...

Yay! Lee got to carve this year. Did Lee have fun doing it? I know Mo on off nah but end up had fun! He finished my pumpkin after I mess up my part. (it's hid from pix!)

Anonymous said...

Lee never done it... oh Bull! LOL
Good job Marli carved the pumpkin
Dont eat too much candies or seeds