Friday, October 26, 2007


We celebrated one year of hard work making our store one of the best and busiest in the area. We gathered at Thunderbowl in Mokena for a night of cosmic bowling, pizza and fun! Many of us stayed until the counterman was calling for us to finish up for closing time. I have fun with my co-workers every day at work, but this was beyond fun! It was also an unofficial goodbye to our Assistant Manager Josh, who will be leaving us this week to go to business school in Nebraska. I bowled unprecedentedly well the first two games, 145 & 163. The last game however, was HORRIBLE. That was probably due to the fact that my boss bet me $5 that he could beat me (he did by 6 pins) and I had 2 ½ drinks. The photos aren’t great because it was so dark in there and the flash was quite annoying. We definitely have to get together and do it again!


Here & there with {memories} said...

All of you sure did relaxed with bowling funs!

Best do more!

gt281 said...

smoking in a public place?..i thought that was banned under the
1807 non-smoking, non-nuclear porfileration treaty....its so