Friday, March 28, 2008

Our girls

I never have to worry about these two needing something to do. Left to their own devices they sure come up with some interesting activities. They've spent a good portion of the afternoon and evening in the basement on rollerblades with the digital cameras and a tripod trying to make funny videos of themselves. They deleted most of them before we got to see them, but this one made them laugh so hard at themselves that they shared it with us. I copied it onto the computer, but I doubt that they know why. Well, this is why.

They don't say anything, it's completely silent other than Marli's snapping. I guess knowing a former clown/amateur magician has some good points, other than the balloon animals of course.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Shopping?

OK, I know. It's supposed to be Spring Cleaning. But you know me, I hate cleaning. Why clean when you can just buy new? I'm kidding of course, but it was time for a new comforter. My boring old beige one was just yucky and boring and I hated it. Did I mention it was boring? I saw this one in the Target sale paper on Sunday and decided I needed it. Really, I just needed new sheets, the comforter still covered the bed and it was warm. But damn, this is cute and fun and contemporary and way more my style than plain old boring beige! And it looks fabulous on the bed. You probably can't tell from the pictures, but the light color in the circles is actually a light lime color and the darker colors are chocolate and brown. So now I just need to get some new curtains to match. The red/khaki curtains hanging in there now just don't do it. And given our east-facing windows, I think I'll invest in some that will actually block out the sun so I won't be forced awake at 6:00 am on Sunday mornings when all I want to do is stay all comfy in my bed til, I don't know, 7:00 am. Well, I have some eggs hanging out in hot water cooking away. I better go get them into the cold water to stop cooking before they turn to rubber. Not that anyone will really eat them, but it's a good thought anyway. At least they will be all decorated and pretty when they get turned into egg salad or tossed in the trash next week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm so proud of me


Yes, you read that right. I went scrapping. Amy and I went to a Scrap for a Cure benefiting the American Diabetes Association. It was held at the Quality Inn in Bradley and the hostess did a fabulous job organizing eve. There were quite a few people there that I recognized from my days working at Archiver's, which was pretty fun. I actually accomplished things too. I know it doesn't look like much, but what you're looking at represents more than 10 hours worth of work. I did more pages yesterday than I did all of last year. A couple of them need a little more work. I brought a lot of my supplies with me, but I couldn't possibly bring it all.

Now if I could just keep up the work. I'm not sure I will, but I have so much stuff, I really need to just haul it all to Archiver's once in a while and get some pages done with the added benefit of getting a little time to myself.