Sunday, September 30, 2007

Absolutely Nothing

I had an unprecedented 3 days off in a row and thoroughly enjoyed them all! We visited Grandma Dorothy, spent time with my parents, went to birthday parties and had a game night with Kristi and family. It was nice to be home with Marli and Lee and feel like I get to play a part in my own little world again. The only downside to the weekend? Ryan Newman had another DNF at Kansas due to engine trouble. But on the upside, the race itself was pretty good. Oh yeah, and I had some nasty sinus stuff going on Friday, but it’s all better now. I’ll post pics tomorrow night. Right now I’m off to watch Desperate Housewives then Brothers & Sisters. It’s been an awesome Season Premier Week.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Ryan Newman having bad year same as Junior do
Hope next year do better

Anonymous said...


forgot to add my name