Thursday, June 7, 2007


We went to visit Grandma Dorothy today. The nursing home is right across the street from a forest preserve so I brought my camera just in case there was some cidada activity in the area. We don't have many around our house and I couldn't miss out on the chance to photograph a little piece of history. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!!! It was insane! The seagulls flying overhead snacking on those big ole bugs was an amazing sight. It was so loud and the bugs were so plentiful that we closed our windows just in case. After we ate lunch we took Grandma outside to hear the cicadas and one landed on the ground. I picked it up on a stick and brought it to Grandma. She studied that bug with such intent. She talked to it and pet it and everything. Enjoy the pictures!


Here & there with {memories} said...

Your grandma had fun! Can see that!